Why Should Philadelphia Companies Use Temps? – Save Yourself Time and Stress

January 9th, 2013
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Your office is humming. There is work that needs to be done. Maybe it’s a small project that could use an extra pair of hands. Perhaps there is the need to expand with a new role, or replace an outgoing employee. Companies like yours may think that there is only one arduous way to find someone to do the work, often not considering the temporary placement option. There are so many reasons why using temporary or contingent employees makes sense, but the most obvious is that it saves businesses both time and stress.

Advertising for a position costs money, whether you are positing on LinkedIn, Monster, or Craigslist. But more than that obvious cost, in today’s saturated market the manpower spent dedicated to selecting a worker takes away from your company’s bottom line. The flood of resumes to be reviewed can reduce your company’s productivity when the purpose of hiring additional staff is supposed to be to increase it.

From the massive pool of respondents to any given job positing, hours are spent reviewing resumes, shifting through applicants who are clearly unqualified, overqualified, presenting the pros and cons of possible candidate, and then additional time must be spent phone screening and interviewing people, sometimes fruitlessly. Even after the end of an exhaustive and time consuming search you may not find the right person.

Because we have done the groundwork of actively sourcing the best candidates in Philadelphia for a wide range of administrative, clerical, and office support staff, we can provide someone immediately, to jump in a get the job done. From file clerks and receptionist to high-end executive administrators we have temporary workers of every level ready to do. No protracted process of searching, screening, on-boarding or paperwork on your part. You call Philly Temps and we provide the candidate you are looking for. We can do this because we have taken the time to do it all before you even call, saving you the time, stress, and hassle of screening applicants.

There are lots of reasons companies would chose to use temps, both for permanent positions as well as shorter term or project based work. Outsourcing the process of a candidate search just makes sense. If there is work that needs to be done, why waste valuable resources selecting a candidate when Philly Temps has done all the leg work already and has the perfect person waiting and ready to go?

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