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March 13th, 2013

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Frequently I am asked what the turn around is on the jobs I place. How long does it take? Well, that really depends on the job. A Receptionist that calls out sick? A matter of minutes, usually. A straight send for an open job? Less than an hour. A position that calls for resume review? Depends on the client’s timeline, anywhere from a matter of hours to a month. No matter what the length of the position, Philly Temps provides expedited, quality placements, picking up the phone to call our short list of temps right after getting off your phone call. And that fast turn around makes all the difference. Getting the right person into a vacancy aides in the overall quality of the temp experience for everyone involved, for our workers and your company. How are we able to make such lasting, swift placements? Let me tell you our staffing secret.

We meet every one of our candidates. Every one. For in-depth interviews that determine not only their skill sets, but personalities and aspirations. We get to know our temps. Why they are where they are at this point in the job search. We probe their resumes, motivations, and we test them to have an accurate concept of their technical abilities, we don’t just take them at their word.

We learn what they are capable of, willing to do, and want from employment. But what does that have to do with the timeliness of our placements?

Someone may be perfect in terms of skills and presentation but with plans to return to school in three months, meaning they aren’t that perfect for a long term position your company is looking to fill. A candidate might have excellent Excel skills but is a shy violet who wouldn’t service in your fast-paced office.

We make great effort to understand our clients as well as our temps. The atmosphere of your office, your commonly vacant positions, and short term project. We make an effort to anticipate your needs so when the call comes in we have a well-stocked database of diverse Philly Temps who are ready and available to accept the assignment. We don’t try to provide every worker for every company. We simply locate, screen, and meet with the best office support staff and have them ready to go when your need arises.

It sounds simple and obvious, but due to the amount of time and energy it takes to so thoroughly screen temps, many other agencies do not take the time to meet their temps or seek out talent with niche skills until after the job order comes in. Philly Temps takes the time to find the best people, anticipate the needs of your company, and be ready at all times to meet any Philadelphia office staffing need.

This is why when your company calls looking for a receptionist with a legal background I have several candidates ready to go. When you need an Executive Administrator with scheduling and meeting planning experience who is only looking to work the length of a maternity leave. When you need data entry clerks with a 60wpm typing speed for a project-based assignment I know who to call. Other staffing companies may just send who ever recently called in available – I do my job up front so I can play match maker when you pick up the phone and give me a call.

And that leads to Philly Temps quickly filling your jobs with the best candidates. Allowing great workers to start right away on projects that need to be accomplished, polished receptionist to come in to answer your phones when your employee calls out sick, or to provide you the resumes of several qualified candidates right after you call in a Temp-to-Perm opportunity.

It’s the Philly Temps difference.

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