Employee of the Month for November 2014: Ayanna Glover

November 3rd, 2014

Meet Philly Temps’ Employee of the Month for November 2014: Ayanna Glover

Ayanna Glover has been with Philly Temps on and off since 2006.

Ayanna’s positive demeanor makes her a “go to” for almost any assignment that comes across our desks. She has been a receptionist, booth hostess, registration clerk, server and executive administrative assistant – and those are just the assignments that we remember.

There is never a voicemail or email that is not responded to within minutes and all requests have been met with a level of professionalism that is sadly lacking in so many people in the workplace.

Ayanna‘s generosity was on full display recently when she presented our staff with a bag of apples which she had picked on a visit to Linvilla Orchards (probably with a child in tow as Ayanna is quite the doting Aunt). It is NOT that gift that made us choose Ayanna as employee of the moth but rather eight years of exemplary service and dedication and as always, a job well done.

We sat down with Ayanna to get to know her a little better.

Philly Temps (PT): Congratulations on being employee of the month for November.

Ayanna Glover (AG): Thank you.

PT: How long have you lived in Philadelphia?

AG: My entire life.

PT: What is your work experience?

AG: Most of my work has been in the Art industry and administrative work.

PT: How did you hear about Philly Temps?

AG: I did a Google search for top rated Temporary Agencies. I had worked for other agencies before, but I was looking for something different.

PT: Tell us about your first experience as a Temp with Philly Temps.

AG: I started working at conventions. Nice way to meet every type of person with every type of career goal. And the preparation that goes into making conventions happen is quite amazing. Thus far I’ve enjoyed being a Temp. I like the feeling of not quite knowing a situation before hand, and making the most of it while you’re there.

PT: How has working for Philly Temps Helped you?

AG: Temping, for me has greatly helped narrow down the career path. When I decided to make a career switch, having an outlet for that was important. It allowed me the chance to simultaneously get first-hand experience in certain fields, and weed out the things I did not want to do long term. Also it really helped me go into any situation and be able to perform at a high level, without a lot of on-site training.

PT: What is your life outside of work like?

AG: Less structured, I like things with a bit of ease when I’m not working. As far as hobbies are concerned I’m big on anything outdoors especially biking. I also enjoy traveling, foreign cultures/cuisines and watching way too many documentaries.

PT: Are you involved with you community?

AG: I try to do as much as I can, but there’s room for more. I do volunteer with Beckett Life Center, a great community organization.

PT: Lastly, please share your most memorable experience as a Temp.

AG: My most memorable experience happened when a real estate development company needed workers for their buyers’ opening. I got to see firsthand the impact real estate development has on the community and local government. I believe that experience greatly influenced my decision to consider real estate development as a possible career.

PT: Thank you Ayanna, not just for taking the time for these questions, but for the great job that you do.


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