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June 1st, 2015

Join us in congratulating Renee Busbee on being our Employee Of The Month for June 2015.

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If you want to know what good customer service is, put our Employee of the Month for June 2015 Renee Busbee in the middle of a crowded convention and watch what happens.

Since joining the Philly Temps team in September of 2013, Renee has been a shining example of how to remain calm, productive and pleasant under any circumstance. Registration, Poster & Materials Distribution, Information, Ribbons Desk and more; when Renee is at the end of a line, we know the people waiting in that line will leave with all of their questions answered. Renee deals with the public in such a way as to make each person she comes into contact with feel as if they are the only one in the place.

Renee’s dedication to customer service exists beyond convention attendees, the clients and her coworkers also benefit from time spent with her.

We recently asked Renee some questions so that we could get to know her a little better.


Congratulations on being The Employee Of The Month for June 2015.

Philly Temps (PT): How long have you lived in the Philadelphia, PA area?
Renee Busbee (RB): I have lived  in  Philadelphia  all my life .

(PT): How did you hear about Philly Temps?
(RB): I heard about Philly Temps through OIC.( Opportunities Industrialization Center)

(PT): What has your experience as a temp been like thus far?
(RB): My experience has been very informative. It’s also quite nice being around so many  different  cultures.

(PT): Please share your most memorable experience working for Philly Temps.
(RB): My most memorable moment was when we did the college move-ins. My body was sore for a few days (pssst Renee . . .That’s coming up again this August).renee 4 157x300 - Employee of the Month

(PT): What is your previous work experience?
(RB): Shift Supervisor, Office  Manager, Retail and Prepared Foods and a Caregiver.

(PT): What are your long term career goals?
(RB): My long term  career  goal is to have  a  full-time  job working  in  an  office, hotel or hospital, or with Philly Temps.

(PT): What is your life like outside of work? What are your hobbies? Are you involved in your community?
(RB): I live a very quiet life. I read a lot, listen to  music, laugh a lot ,watch movies on DVD  and I like to dance.  Sudoku is my game of choice.  I  would  love to  be  more  involved  with  my community.  I have volunteered at the Convention Center.

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