Employee of the Month – July 2016: Rob Pantano

July 1st, 2016

ROB PANTANO EOE Photo 300x258 - Employee of the Month - July 2016: Rob Pantano

Our Employee of the Month for July, 2016 is Rob Pantano. This is a particularly apt choice for July as Rob’s experience, willingness to adapt and positive attitude have given us the freedom to send him to assignments in a variety of locations and industries.

Server, Convention Registration Clerk, Box Office Attendant, Bus Route Mapper and LEGO Dissasembler, Rob has performed each role we have given him with aplomb.

We recently sat down with Rob to get to know him a little better.

PHILLY TEMPS (PT): How long have you lived in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Rob Pantano (RP): Exactly 4 months today! We moved to town on March 1st.

PT: How did you hear about Philly Temps?

RP: I did a google search and you guys are at the top of the list. I spoke to Hanne that day and had the interview the next day.

PT: What has your experience as a temp been like thus far?

RP: It’s been really great! When I started, I had another job commitment which was 20-25 hours per week and you guys were able to help me work around that schedule. Then, when my contract ended abruptly, I let you know about my open availability and you threw a bunch of work my way to take up the slack!

PT: Please share your most memorable experience working for Philly Temps?

RP: I want to say something hokey like “They’re all memorable” but that’s just not true. Lego Brickfest was, by far, my favorite! It was such an exciting and fun 2 days! I got to take a picture with Boba Fett!

PT: What is your previous work experience?

RP: Oh man. Does anybody have a short answer to this question? I have worked customer service jobs (waiting tables and retail) for most of my life, but I have also worked as a personal assistant, a theatrical scene shop foreman, was a carpenter for a cabinet-maker. I once sold memberships to a “bartenders union” (there are no such things, and I quit when I found out it was a scam), I was a mascot (The H20 Hero) for the Huron River Watershed Council of Michigan (I got to dress up in a cape and mask), I played Thomas Edison at the Menlo Park Lab in the Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, and I also have a Masters Degree in acting.

PT: What are your long term career goals?

RB: I am interested in getting involved with the Theater scene in Philly. With a masters degree, I am able to teach at a college level, but honestly, I am really interested in Just Teaching at any level. It would be a complete joy to be able to make a living educating about and sharing my love of theater with others, while at the same time engaging in theater in this community.

PT: What is your life like outside of work? What are your hobbies? Are you involved in your community?

RP: My wife, Christie, and I have been married for just over 2 years. We have 1 cat (hers before we met) 1 dog (we rescued while we were dating) and a new kitten who was part of a litter that was born in our back yard in April. Hobbies? I enjoy woodworking, but haven’t had the time or money to really be able to indulge lately. I know that there are a few MakerSpaces in town and I’m really excited to go check them out!

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