Philly Temps Places over 200 workers for the Democratic National Convention

August 5th, 2016

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Now that the balloons have dropped, the confetti has fallen and the clean up continues, the economic impact that the DNC has had on Philadelphia will be felt for years to come. 

When a large national event chooses Philadelphia as their venue it requires months, if not years, of detailed planning and logistics.  It is essential to utilize the right company, with the right sized staff, to keep the wheels rolling at all times.  Philly Temps & Perm was given the great honor to employ over 200 individuals for this historic national event. The word spread quickly as we interviewed dedicated Philadelphia School district teachers, Council Members, Senators, accomplished business entrepreneurs and college students; young to retired who wanted to be part of this historic event.   Over the course of six months Philly Temps conducted hundreds of interviews to select the ideal team.  Each and every applicant was personally vetted by a Philly Temps qualified staffing recruiter.  It required that each applicant must have a tie to Philadelphia.

Staffing at large venue events can disrupt the city in which the event is being held. We hired hundreds of local staff, many of whom had travel times to work doubled because of the influx of people, vehicles and security.  Despite these challenges, each and every day they showed up for their 12 plus hour shifts with enthusiasm and character.  This was a true testament to this city’s hospitality.

For the past 17 years, Philly Temps & Perm has been owned and operated by Christine Faville.  Christine has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Women Owned Businesses in Philadelphia.  Philly Temps is proud to be a Women Owned business located in the heart of Philadelphia on Walnut Street.   Christine was honored and prepared to accept the challenge of staffing all the transportation portion of the DNC.  In addition, our  staff was responsible for managing the logistics in and out of the Wells Fargo Center, the Philadelphia International Airport, various delegation event venues and over 135 hotels from Center City Philadelphia to the suburbs, and even in New Jersey.  Jobs included supervisory positions, zone managers and hotel and venue coordinators.  Shifts ran around the clock throughout the duration of the Convention.

Our transit hospitality system went to work to transport convention guests to and from delegate parties held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kimmel Center and Camden BBT.  The atmosphere was lively and celebratory.  The staff was spread throughout these events, positioned at each route station to meet, greet and help passengers, some of whom required ADA transport.   Our staff was prepared for daily protests as we helped troubleshoot and direct bus drivers to their assigned load zones and kept curb lanes clear of vehicles while directing guests to their proper buses. We coordinated with local police to ensure the safety of the delegates and to ensure that the buses could successfully navigate through protests and heavy traffic.

The weather in Philly was a sweltering hot & humid, with several unexpected downpours that left many drenched to work the remainder of their shifts. Our staff worked tirelessly through the heat and the heart of Philadelphia was displayed through their smiles and patience.  We went through vigorous training to prepare for this event ranging from 4 to more than 20 hours.  Philly Temps was proud to represent the city in this historic event.  Months of planning and preparation proved to be effective by smooth ending to a memorable week.

Philly Temps will continue to contribute to the economic development of Philadelphia long after the Historic Democratic National Convention is over and bring in exciting projects and employ members of our great city and its surrounding suburbs.  Philly Temps & Perm is ready, willing and able to accept our next challenge.


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