Getting results is what makes a good employee.

February 3rd, 2017

Getting things done is what Deborah Johnson is all about, which is just one of the reasons she is the Philly Temps & Perm Employee of the Month for February 2017.

Deborah was not only a shining star among the over 200 staff Philly Temps & Perm employed during the Democratic National Convention this past July, but she was instrumental in spreading the word about our need for workers for that historic event.

Deborah Johnson 2 225x300 - Getting results is what makes a good employee.      Debiorah Johnson1 171x300 - Getting results is what makes a good employee.

Deborah proved helpful yet again one month later when she helped us recruit for a huge project in West Philadelphia. This was a first job for many of those referrals, and as giving back to the community is so important to Deborah, it was a perfect situation.

Philly Temps & Perm, and all of the clients we have sent Deborah to, are proud to have her on the team.

Join us in getting to know this superstar a little bit better.


 Philly Temps (PT): How long have you lived in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Deborah Johsnon (DJ): I’ve lived in Philadelphia for many years.


PT: What was your work experience prior to working with Philly Temps?

DJ:  Management within city government, the Revenue Department for over 20 years.


PT: How did you hear about Philly Temps?

DJ:  From Michelle Day


PT: Please share your most memorable experience working for Philly Temps.

DJ: Every contract I’ve worked was memorable.


PT: What are your long-term career goals?

DJ: I’m living my dreams with my community engagement my present project is mental health ministries throughout the city of Philadelphia.


PT: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

DJ: Presently I’m on Advisory Council’s 1 of the Philadelphia Health Department, Turn a Housing Council, A Police District Department & many youth groups.


PT: What advice can you give to prospective candidates that want to work with Philly Temps?

DJ:  Give 100%, be a team player, be on time and always be professional.

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