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April 1st, 2016

The need for accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and other accounting professionals is one that any successful or still developing company will have. This need is highly justified and a necessity for business planning needs. Companies need careful and accurate projections of costs and expected revenues so that they can plan wisely and avoid cash flow problems or the failure to take advantage of a market opportunity. Companies that receive and can leverage financial guidance typically perform better and find themselves making their own good fortune. By contrast, companies that fail to seek adequate financial guidance frequently find themselves lurching from one crisis to the next.  Thus, the ability to secure sound guidance is an essential element to a company’s success.

At Philly Temps & Perm we recognize the essential role a full-time or part-time accountant can play for a company. Therefore, our dedicated job placement specialists always work to identify your needs prior to taking any action. Furthermore, we also take the time to understand the strengths and experiences of seasoned accounting and booking veterans. Our goal at Philly Temps & Perm is to find a good job placement fit the first time. To speak to one of our dedicated staffing placement specialists call 215-995-2607 today or contact us online.

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How Do We Identify Good Accounting and Financial Candidates?

We understand that the finance and accounting world is one where there are many skill sets and specialties. We understand that an individual who has a strong auditing background would probably not be challenged or served by a payroll clerk provision or as a billing clerk. We always take the time to get to know candidates to understand their experience and their career goals. Our years of experience have proven that people perform better when their goals align with the position they are assigned to perform. Therefore, we only send qualified, experienced candidates who are a match for a role.

However, there are an array of other financial positions that we can help staff. These roles include positions in accounts receivable, billing, and bookkeeping. We can also find and place experienced and reliable controllers. Furthermore, we can also place financial analysts who can look at your business and industry to devise reasonable projections for your company. Furthermore, if your business is seeking tax preparation assistance to ensure compliance and seek additional tax savings, we can also assist with this business or corporate need.

What Qualities Do We Look before Placing Financial and Accounting Staff?

While every individual is different, there are certain qualities that we look for in candidates for job placements. While we recognize that all people have different experiences in the workplace, we have found that looking for these qualities in applicants is often predictive of their ability to thrive and succeed. These qualities include:

  • Accountability – The best financial and accounting professionals have a strong sense of responsibility. This often translates into high standards for their work and a great deal of pride in the finished product.
  • Communication skills – Financial professionals who are likely to succeed often have extremely strong communication skills. This includes oral and written communications. In today’s world of e-mail and text communications, the ability to write clearly and concisely is especially important.
  • Focus and determination – in today’s world of distractions, focus and discipline are more important than ever. Professionals need a strong ability to focus and maintain concentration in today’s world where a constant stream of messages can easily divert and distract.   
  • A meticulous nature – Finance and accounting are an area where mistakes are simply unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Executives and others making decisions on the basis of financial projections and other information need to have the confidence that the work has been double and triple checked and is 100% accurate.
  •  Team-oriented – While the financial professional may spend a great deal of time working independently, his or her efforts often fit into a bigger picture. The professional needs to be able to see his or her role in the team and perform to expectations so that he or she does not become the bottleneck in the process.

These are but a few of the qualities typically associated with the highest performing accountants, CPAs, and other financial professionals. Many other qualities can be leveraged into success.

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Experience the Philly Temps Difference in  Accounting Staffing

At Philly Temps & Perm our job placement specialists always take the time to understand the needs of companies seeking qualified and experienced accounting staffing. To speak to one of our experienced placement specialists, call 215-995-2607 today or contact us online.

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