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September 30th, 2015

Many businesses are seeking motivated, professional, and detail-oriented individuals who can work as data entry specialists. Data entry specialists can work in a broad array of roles and industries, but their core tasks always center around the entry of information into computer systems and databases. The role of a data entry specialist is invaluable to a company or corporation because the data entry specialist supports the company’s planning and business functions. A skilled data entry specialist can work quickly and accurately providing relevant information to data analysts, managers, salespeople, and others. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to data entry because the old adage of “Garbage in, garbage out” holds true.

At Philly Temps we are an experienced job placement and temporary employment service assisting job seekers and businesses for 15 years. We always start the placement process by learning more about the employer and its organizational goals and by learning about the background and goals of potential applicants. We then work to ensure that we only send individuals who would be a good fit for the specific job duties and expectations. We understand that getting a placement right the first time is beneficial to all involved parties and permits the business and job seeker to pursue their goals in an expedient manner. Whether you are a seeking a data entry opening or are an employer looking for help, reach out to our job placement specialists by calling 215-995-2607 or contact us online.

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What Are the Top Qualities in Successful Data Entry Specialists?

We understand that everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, we know that certain people excel in certain types of environments but may find more difficulties under a different type of company culture. We always look for relevant skills and experience showing that the applicant is likely to succeed in their data entry role. These abilities include:

  • A meticulous nature & careful attention to detail – A successful data entry specialist is one who can enter large volumes of data without making errors. Errors can throw the process into disarray because inaccurate information will produce inaccurate results. A data entry specialist is the foundation of many organizational analytical processes.
  • Ability to work quickly – Accuracy is paramount, but data must be entered and delivered in a timely manner. If data is not delivered by a deadline, circumstances may change and the value of the entry may be reduced or loss.
  • Ability to maintain one’s concentration and focus – For some, data entry work can be rather tedious and mind-numbing. However for others, the work can have a near Zen-like quality. People who are able to maintain their concentration and focus for long stretches of time often make for ideal data entry specialists.
  • Understanding of and commitment to data security protocols – Depending on the industry and type of work the company is engaged in, the entry specialist may be required to work with sensitive or confidential data. Data entry specialists must comply with all data sanitization procedures and safeguard sensitive information.
  • Additional applicable skillsets — The role of a data entry specialist is constantly evolving. Some organizations have created hybrid roles that include the core responsibilities of a data entry specialist but may also include sales or other functions. In some circumstances an entry specialist may be called upon to engage in quality control, mentoring and other related roles. Having plus factors can be valuable to an employer and can potentially provide a pathway for advancement.

As with all roles and positions in today’s economy, experience and professionalism are also desirable qualities that are often held by successful data entry operators. Many other qualities and characteristics are highly in demand. If you believe that you bring a unique skill or skillset to the table, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention.

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We Have 15 Years of Experience Placing Data Entry Specialists

For 15 years Philly Temps and its job placement specialists have worked to place people in positions where they can succeed and excel. We always strive to ensure that any candidate we send for an interview not only experienced and talented, but also a good match for the organization and its goals. Employers seeking a data entry specialist and job seekers can contact us for further information and assistance by calling 215-995-2607 or contact us online today.

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