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November 5th, 2015

Many business in and around Philadelphia are seeking experienced and dedicated help handling a broad-array of organizational needs. For some companies, the employment need may be finding a file clerk who can handle a variety of important responsibilities for the business or corporation. File clerks often need to familiarize themselves with their particular employer’s expectations, because the role can vary from organization to organization. While the role always includes the management and administration of data and files, the method of record-keeping in the organization dictates how many responsibilities are carried out. Furthermore, aside from these core duties some companies may also expect clerks to serve as a point of first contact for clients and others who may inquire at the business. More experienced file clerks may be tasked with providing reporting or modifying and improving the organization’s practices and systems.

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At Philly Temps, we are experienced job placement specialists. Our commitment to only placing dedicated, experienced, and eager applicants in positions where they are likely to excel has remained constant throughout our more than 15 years of helping job seekers and employers make the right connection. We understand and believe that finding the right person for the job the first time is beneficial for all involved parties. Therefore, we only send candidates who are qualified, experienced, and appear to be a good match for the position and company culture. Whether you are seeking a job placement or an employer looking for temporary or permanent help, call 215-995-2607 today to speak to a Philly Temps job placement specialist.

What Are the Top Qualities Employers Look For in a File Clerk?

We understand that every person has certain things that they excel at and certain things that challenge them no matter how hard they try and practice. People should be placed into positions that highlight their strengths and do not call upon them to extensively use skills that are less developed or favored. Skills, characteristics and abilities that can make for an exemplary file clerk include:

Communication skills – Am experienced file clerk is well-versed in both taking direction and informing others about a broad array of information. The ideal file clerk is well-spoken and clear and concise in all communications whether the direction is spoken or written.

Computer & technological skills – The future of filing is electronic. A good file clerk is constantly updating and maintaining his or her technical skills. A mastery of the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, and Access can be particularly useful. Furthermore, mastery of industry-standard database applications is highly desired. A file clerk who is highly adaptable and can continue to update his or her skills with little oversight or direction is an ideal fit for many companies.

Keyboarding skills – Aside from the ability to operate a computer and a number of software programs, a file clerk should have strong typing skills. Typing quickly permits an individual to work quickly and to say what they want rather than being limited by the amount of time it takes to “hunt and peck” a message. If your typing skills are not sufficient, many people can make rapid gains in typing speed by using commercial training software.

Discretion – Depending on the company and the industry it is engaged in, a file clerk may have access to sensitive data or he or she may regularly access confidential information. The file clerk must understand that this information is not to be used or disseminated for any personal or other improper purpose. Information like Social Security numbers, tax payer ID numbers, and medical information must be safeguarded.

Traditional Filing – File clerks may also be called upon to engage in traditional methods of filing paper folders in metal filing cabinets. The file clerk should be familiar with filing procedures and practices in a traditional environment.

Data entry – Depending on the positon the clerk may be called upon to enter information into an electronic system. Data entry calls on many of the same organization skills used in the file clerk position.

The above represents an overview of the skills and abilities that typically make for successful file clerks. However everyone is different and many people can excel despite having some differences in their skills and abilities.

The Philly Temps Difference in Job Placement

For more than 15 years, Philly Temps has worked closely with both job seekers and employers in putting people in a position to succeed and excel. Whether you are an employer looking for a help or an experienced file clerk seeking work, Philly Temps can help. To discuss your goals and needs with a job placement specialist call 215-995-2607 today or contact us online.

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