Job Placement and Staffing for Mailroom Workers

March 14th, 2016

Working in a mailroom is often the first step at the start of a promising career. However, work in a mailroom and handling an array of intraoffice, interoffice, and external communications can also serve as its own career. In fact, experienced and dedicated individuals filling a role of this type is vital to the success of many businesses. However, not every person is a good fit for mailroom work. Workers in the mailroom should have certain skills, characteristics, and abilities to ensure a high likelihood of success in this role.

At Philly Temps & Perm, we recognize the vital role mailroom workers pay in organizational communications. Therefore, our dedicated job placement specialists always strive to ensure that the first placement we make is a perfect placement. We understand that bad placements not only waste the time of the company and the applicant but can lead to communications issues, lost business, and an array of other problems. Hiring managers and interested workers can speak with on of our dedicated job placement specialists by calling us at 215-995-2607 or by contacting us online today.

What Job Duties Are Mailroom Workers Expected to Handle Day-to-Day?

While every mailroom and company are different, there is an assortment of core job duties that mailroom workers are expected to have. While workers should always listen to the instructions of their direct and other supervisors, these duties can provide insight into the generalized job responsibilities they may have. This include:

  • Receiving incoming mail – Depending on the size of the organization, the amount of incoming mail can be substantial. This mail must be retrieve or accepted promptly. Thereafter it must be handled and sorted in an expeditious manner. After sorting, the mail must be delivered o intended recipients with few to no errors. The incoming mail may contain time-sensitive materials, so efficiency is key.
  • Collecting and sending outgoing mail – In some offices, workers may drop mail into a centralized location for collection. In other offices, mail may be collected at the desk o each and every individual worker. After the mail is collected it may need to be sorted according to whether it is local or out-of-town mail.
  • Weighing and directing parcels and packages – There are an array of carriers that  ship packages including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. These packages must be weighed, paid for according to weight and size, and directed to the proper carrier. In many cases, selecting the right method of shipment is also important.
  • Carrying heavy loads While packages can be heavy, the immense amount of letters and solicitations in a mail bin can also reach relatively high weights. The individual must be comfortable with lifting and carrying these potentially heavy objects across the room or throughout a building.

The above captures only the core task a mailroom worker would be expected to fulfill. Many positions will require the worker to complete additional tasks relating to tracking and maintaining the mailroom and its organization and cleanliness.

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What Skills and Abilities Should a Mailroom Worker Have?

The ideal mailroom worker should be experienced and able to demonstrate his or her previous success in this role. However, certain skills and characteristics can predict success. To start, the mail room worker should be the type of person who thrives in a structured environment where organization and punctuality are of paramount importance. Punctuality is important not only because the office operates on a set schedule, but because workers may plan their day around set mail pick-up times. Deviating from these times can greatly interfere with the course and flow of business.

The ideal mailroom worker should also be a motivated individual who isn’t afraid to move around. The fact of the matter is that mailroom workers are frequently on their feet. They are constantly moving to accomplish their tasks described above. If you’d prefer a more sedentary role, mailroom work probably isn’t for you.

Mailroom workers should also have at least a high school level of education and a good sense of general knowledge. Mailroom workers are expected to read a vast array of materials and determine the proper handling of them. Furthermore, office workers may have questions about the best way to send something to Philidelphia, New York, Bucks County, or somewhere else. Being able to answer questions related to the job professionally and knowledgeably is extremely important.

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Contact an Experienced Philly Temps & Perm Job Placement Specialist for Mailroom Staffing Needs

If you are seeking a job in a busy mailroom or a hiring manager seeking help with mailroom staffing needs, contact our dedicated Philly Temps & Perm team today. We always get to know your needs and goals. To speak with a dedicated team member call 215-995-2607 today.

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