Job Placement for Executive Administrative Assistants

March 4th, 2016

While it may be somewhat cliché, the simple fact of the matter is that executives including CEOs, CFOs, VPs, and others are often extremely busy and are often expected to complete a days of work in only a few hours of time. Needless to say, such a demanding and stressful role means that executives are constantly pulled in multiple directions and subject to a litany of demands on their time. As such, executives require support staff that can not only self-manage and direct their attention where it is needed without prompting, but also take complex direction and get it right the first time.

At Philly Temps & Perm, we understand the demands executives face and strive to place experienced, motivated, and driven executive administrative assistants. We always work to understand the goals of the executive and align them with an appropriate candidate. At Philly Temps & Perm our dedicated job specialists always strive to make the right placement the first time. If you are an executive seeking to fill a staffing need or a experienced and driven individual seeking an executive assistant opportunity, contact our dedicated job placement specialists today by calling 215-995-2607 today or contact us online.

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What Roles and Responsibilities does an Executive Assistant Have?

The job duties and responsibilities of an executive assistant will vary based on the needs of the industry and executive. However, we can discuss some common responsibilities. These duties often include:

  • Coordinating administrative tasks including scheduling meetings and events.
  • Preparing agendas for meetings.
  • Preparing responses to routine correspondence.
  • Assisting the executive in answering all correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Managing an often-complex calendar including travel by the executive.
  • Booking necessary travel and lodging arrangements.
  • Preparing and reviewing executive expense reports.
  • Reviewing and processing invoices for payment.
  • Devising creative and strategic solutions for any problems encountered within the scope of the assistant’s duties.

The role of executive assistant requires a proven ability to multi-task and find solutions to an array of problems. Executive assistants who understand the ever-changing nature of their duties and demands on a high-paced work environment possess some of the characteristics held by many effective assistants.

What Qualities Make for a Skilled and Effective Executive Administrative Assistant?

Individuals who wish to succeed and excel in a job role of this type must hold an array of other qualities and characteristics. To start, they must have an ever-present desire to succeed. That desire to succeed is important in a world where you will frequently interact with other highly motivated executives. Furthermore this desire to excel must be guided by a sense of professionalism. Executive assistants are often the first individual who greets visitors, clients, and others. Your behavior and demeanor is not only a reflection on the company, but also your boss.

Executive assistants also are helped by a goal-oriented nature. People who understand goals and don’t stop until that goal has been achieved are required for a role of this type. This goal-seeking nature is balanced by an ability to prioritize. In a position where priorities can change at a moment’s notice, the ability to reprioritize on-the-fly is an extremely valuable skill. The ability to do this without getting flustered or annoyed is essential.

Furthermore, individuals with strong organizational skills are well-suited to this position. Often, the executive will rely on you to make important bookings, schedule meetings, invite clients and guests, and perform an array of tasks. Dropping the ball on any one of these things can result in embarrassment for all parties. Furthermore, the failure can disrupt the pursuit business goals. Organization is one key skill that an executive assistant cannot live without and is indispensable to the job duties.

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One other essential skill as an executive administrative assistant is a personable nature and an ability to never take things personally. Being engaging with executives, clients, and guests is a skill that can pay dividends for the assistant and the business. Furthermore, understanding that the business world can be a stressful place and that things should never be taken personally ensures that grudges and other non-productive behavior does not develop.

The Philly Temps Difference in Executive Administrative Assistant Staffing

The experienced job placement specialists of Philly Temps & Perm pride themselves on putting applicants in positions where they can not only succeed, but thrive. We never send candidates unless we believe that it is a good match and likely to lead to a productive working relationship. Executives and HR professionals seeking staffing assistances and experienced job seekers can call us at 215-995-2607 to discuss their needs and goals.

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