Job Placement for Office Managers and Administrative Jobs

March 4th, 2016

Office managers and practice managers are often the backbone of a professional office. Without these dedicated individuals, operations would certainly not proceed smoothly and could even grind to a halt. By offering professional and administrative support services, these dedicated individuals allow other members of an office or practice to spend close to 100% of their time devoted to their core responsibilities. Providing services of this type can often allow for the company or practice to succeed and thrive.

However, it takes a certain type of personality coupled with years of skill development to successfully perform the role of an office manager. Further, since different companies and different staff members function in different ways, it can require an adaptable individual to successfully fill this type of role. At PhillyTemps & Perm, we recognize that personality, experience, and training play a major role in whether an individual can effectively and efficiently provide these professional, administrative, and clerical services. Contact one of our skilled and professional job placement specialists today by calling 215-995-2607 today.

What Responsibilities Do Office Managers Have?

While it is clear that each and every office manager role is unique to the industry and the people of the office, there are certain job duties that may be present in this role in many situations. These include:

  • Managing employee hours and benefits.
  • Managing client hours and scheduling.
  • Scheduling and administering team-building activities.
  • Coordinate team calendars.
  • Coordinate travel calendars.
  • Manage office expenses.
  • Compile and track office expense claims.
  • Maintain general office decorum.

These are but a few of the duties an office manager may be called upon to handle. In reality, an office manager should be ready to tackle any task or duty that may come his or her way.

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What Qualities Do Successful Office Managers Have?

The successful office manager can come from a variety of backgrounds and skills sets, but most successful office managers who add value to a company do have certain characteristics and qualities. These individuals can generally leverage these characteristics into providing high-quality and efficient support services that keep an office running seamlessly.

To start, successful office managers typically have extremely strong social skills and thrive on human contact. The simple fact of the matter is that an office manager will converse with nearly every member of the staff of an office. Depending on the size of the office, this may not occur during a single day, but it certainly does during the course of a week. Furthermore, the office manager will frequently speak with vendors and other external representatives as part of carrying out their duties. Furthermore, we all know that sometimes people have bad days, the office manager should also have an understanding that frustration or terse answers are not directed at him or her. Individuals who can allow these momentary manifestations of frustration to roll off their back and not get caught-up in the “small stuff” often have a higher likelihood of success.

Successful office managers are also often goal-oriented individuals who understand what is important and what can wait until later. Office managers are often pulled in numerous directions simultaneously. Having the poise and presence of mind to keep goals in mind while working on the most pressing matters is absolutely key in this type of role.

Experience Allows an Office Manager to Take Their Abilities to the Next Level

While it is certainly possible to fully fulfill your duties and responsibilities as an office manager with only a few years of experience. A long work history can often provide the experience and insights necessary to provide truly superior service. For instance, an office manager with experience is likely to know the best vendors to work with, the exact services they provide, and who is open late and can provide last-minute turn-around for an essential element of a project without having to engage in extensive research. In other instances, experienced office managers simply grow to understand the types of services and items that a particular niche or job role requires to efficiently handle their responsibilities. Finally, most individuals who have spent a significant amount of time in this field come to recognize the importance office morale plays and effective strategies and methods to manage this need.

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Philly Temps Provides Staffing Services for Experienced Office Managers

Finding an experienced, goal-oriented office manager isn’t an easy task for any employer. Likewise, in today’s word of questionable Craigslist postings and job sites, even experienced office managers can have difficulties sorting through the sheer volume of opportunities. At Philly Temps & Perm our goal is to match employers with experienced candidates who are likely to succeed and thrive in their new role.

Employers with staffing needs and office mangers seeking a job placement should contact our experienced job placement specialists today. We always take the time to get to know needs and goals to increase the odds that the first placement is a perfect match. To discuss your needs with our dedicated job placement specialists call 215-995-2607 today or contact us online.

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