Job Placement for Personal Assistants

March 9th, 2016

Many entrepreneurs, businesspeople, executives and others lead extremely busy lives where there simply are not enough hours in the day to attend to all business and personal tasks. In many cases, the smooth management of executive affairs can only be managed with the assistance of a meticulous and conscientious personal assistant. However, it is often extremely difficult to locate a person with the experience, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and organizational abilities to fill this role.

At Philly Temps & Perm, we understand the difficulties executives and businesspeople face in finding qualified personal assistants who can deftly and professionally handle a broad range of tasks and affairs. We also recognize that experienced personal assistants can face difficulties locating opportunities that are a good fit for their abilities. We invite individuals seeking staffing solutions and job placement to contact our dedicated job placement specialists. We always take the time to understand the goals, strengths, and experience of all job seekers before making a placement. Our approach increases the likelihood that the first placement will be the right placement. To discuss your need for a personal assistant call 215-995-2607. Likewise, experienced personal assistants are invited to discuss their abilities and professional skills by calling 215-995-2607.

What Duties Must a Personal Assistant Handle?

Personal assistants must be flexible and meet new, daily challenges in stride. Furthermore, depending on the executive and industry, assigned tasks and responsibilities can vary.  However, there are certain tasks that are routinely expected in this type of role. To start, a personal assistant should be able to manage the personal and business affairs of the executive. This can include handling scheduling matters for an array of activities. The assistant should be highly organized and able to ensure that conflicts and other difficulties do not arise.

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The personal assistant may also be required to travel with the executive and the businessperson. Prior to travel, the assistant must arrange for accommodations, schedule meetings, handle travel-related concerns, and handle all arrangements. The assistant may need to arrange for a rental car or a car service at the destination or schedule dinner reservations for the executive or clients. These are just a few of the tasks the assistant may need to complete. For international travel, the assistant may even need to handle tasks relating to passports, visas, and other travel prerequisites.

What Skills and Characteristics Are Necessary to Succeed in a Personal Assistant Role?

An array of skills are necessary to not only handle the duties of a personal assistant but to excel in the role and provide a valuable service to the businessperson or executive. The first skill that is absolutely necessary is a highly organized and meticulous nature. The assistant is expected to meet and array of tasks and duties. Losing sight of any one task and “dropping the ball” reflects poorly not only on the assistant, but also on the executive and the company. Therefore, a highly organized individual who can prioritize and reprioritize on the fly is well suited to this type of role.

Furthermore, an extremely friendly and personable nature is an asset in a role of this type. However, one’s friendly nature must be guided by a sense of professionalism and tact. The assistant should be able to understand the social situation and circumstances, and comport his or her behavior to suit the circumstances. Additionally, since the assistant will speak to an array of professionals from the company and potential clients, understanding how to handle potentially difficult situations is an essential ability for any assistant.

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The assistant is also generally expected to have strong computer skills. A high level of proficiency with scheduling software and office software are minimum qualifications for a role of this type. Depending on the industry and executive, an array of other technological skills may be required. The assistant should also be a able to take direction and learn new skills quickly because he or she may need to learn new skills on the job if new software is rolled-out or the executive’s needs change.

Philly Temps Provide Staffing Solutions for Executives Seeking Personal Assistants

At Philly Temps & Perm, our dedicated staffing and job placement specialists are dedicated to finding and placing individuals who can excel in a particular opportunity. Our specialists always take the time to understand the needs and goals or the employer and thoroughly interview only experienced candidates. We know that less than ideal placements come with their own costs, therefore we strive to make the first placement a perfect match. To discuss our personal assistant job placement services, speak to a Philly Temps & Perm job placement specialist at 215-995-2607 today or contact us online.

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