Job Placement for Secretaries into Permanent & Temporary Jobs

November 5th, 2015

Many consumer-facing and client-facing businesses and corporations are looking for one or more dedicated individuals who can serve as a point of first contact for callers, appropriately direct inquiries, and engage in an array of other administrative duties such as scheduling and handling travel arrangements. Regardless of whether you describe the position as secretarial, administrative, or as a receptionist the duties of a position of this type are essential to the smooth and proper functioning of an organization.

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At Philly Temps we recognize that an appropriate placement allows both the employer and the new employee to thrive and prosper. Therefore we always begin every placement session by getting to know the needs, goals, strengths, and weaknesses of all job seekers. Our experienced job placement specialists then work to find a suitable placement where the candidate is likely to be a good cultural fit and where his or her skills, abilities, and experience are put to good use. We are dedicated to understanding the needs of both employers looking for help and job seekers who are looking for a rewarding and challenging career. To discuss your employment needs with an experienced Philly Temps job placement specialist call 215-995-2607 or contact us online.

What Qualities Make For a Successful Secretary?

The most desired quality for a secretary is strong communication skills. Secretaries are expected to communicate in a broad array of contexts including face-to-face, over the phone, and through e-mail messages. A person who can speak and write clearly and professionally is ideal for this type of role. Furthermore, since secretary is often the first point of contact for visitors, successful secretaries are mindful of their body language and recognize that they can leave a lasting impression regarding the company and the way it handles business. Other important skills and abilities found in most successful secretaries are:

Attention to detail & organizational skills – Secretaries must handle the particulars of a broad-array of arrangements. An error calendaring and appointment can not only lead to confusion and anxiety, but also the loss of a client or potential customer. Therefore, secretaries must be able to understand and take direction without the need for excessive supervision and without making mistakes.

Up-to-date technical abilities – Today’s world is one driven by technology. Secretaries today must have a strong technical foundation including the ability to use word processing and office programs, calendaring software, phone systems, and many other technological duties. Furthermore, the secretary should always work to update his or her computer and technical skills since software programs are updated and change over time.

Multitasking abilities – A secretary may be called upon to handle multiple duties. In some cases, each of these multiple duties may be equally urgent and important. The secretary must understand how to prioritize on the fly and address important issues before delay transforms opportunity into problems.

Strong people skills – Since a secretary is the first person a vistor or guest will meet, it is essential for the secretary to have strong conversation and people skills. In some instances the secretary can smooth over a scheduling snafu by engaging with the impacted client and keeping the individual occupied and engaged in conversation until the appropriate person from the company is available.

The above covers some of the most important characteristics for a secretary to have. However, there are many other skills and abilities the individual should be proficient in using. At Philly Temps we strive to place experienced and talented secretaries with companies where their abilities can be successfully leveraged into a positive client customer experience.

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The Philly Temps Approach to Job Placement for Secretaries

At Philly Temps we are committed to seeking placement opportunities that will mutually benefit both the job seeker and the employer. Furthermore, we understand that significant time and money can be expended through less than appropriate placements. Therefore, we always strive to find the right placement the first time. We do not simply send candidates because there is an open position – we make sure that any candidate we send is likely to be a good match so that all parties can succeed and excel.

To schedule a no-obligation employment or staffing appointment with a Philly Temps job placement specialist, call 215-995-2607 or contact us online today.

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