September 24th, 2015

Businesses are seeking professional and dedicated individuals that can serve as a point of first contact for clients, customers, suppliers, and all incoming calls. Businesses in a broad array of industries require a diligent, dependable, and organized individual who can perform a number of tasks and cover important responsibilities for the organization. When the right person is placed into a receptionist position appointments are scheduled and go off without a hitch, calls are properly routed, and all other duties and responsibilities are handled in a timely and professional manner. However, when the receptionist role or roles are unfilled or occupied by the wrong individual calls may be lost, leads may drop, and scheduling and other conflicts may arise. A receptionist can be an essential part of business in many industries. However, a receptionist will only add value to your company or organization if he or she is a good fit and buys-in to the company goals or mission.

At Philly Temps we are experienced job placement professionals offering temporary staffing positions, temp to perm, and other staffing arrangements. We are dedicated to learning the business of companies that work with us so that we can better understand their goals and needs. We also always learn about job-seeker’s background, goals, and aspirations to increase the likelihood that a first placement is a sound one. Employers seeking a receptionist or job seekers looking for a receptionist position can call us directly at 215-995-2607 or contact us online.

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What are Qualities a Business Looks for in a Receptionist?

The job duties of a receptionist requires clear communication skills and an attention to detail. However, these attributes make-up only a part of the qualities that every successful receptionist should have. These qualities include:

  • Strong communication skills – Whether the receptionist is answering incoming calls, making outbound calls, or greeting guests to the office first impressions are key. However, even a good first impression can be rendered meaningless if the receptionist cannot communicate effectively and understand the needs of the caller or guest. If the individual cannot understand the guest’s needs, he or she is unlikely to be able to help or direct the guest or caller to the proper party.
  • Impeccable organizational skills – Depending on the size and type of company, there may be, at least, several balls in the air at any one time. Even when the unexpected occurs, a receptionist should be able to meet the challenge or request in-stride. Strong organizational skills can help as the individual will always know where to find particular pieces of information.
  • Strong technical skills – In today’s day and age, business gets done on the computer, over the phone, and online. In some industries, the venerable fax machine is still widely used. A receptionist must always ensure that his or her technical skills meet the needs of the organization. Furthermore, education never stops and the individual should keep up to date on common software suites like Microsoft Office and calendar and scheduling software.
  • An ability to multitask – Receptionists often face multiple issues which all become urgent simultaneously. Some people might be flustered and shut down in such a situation, however others have the ability to kick it into another gear and can handle multiple tasks seamlessly. Furthermore receptionists should have the ability to prioritize their tasks and work such that projects and tasks are completed by the deadline.

The above accounts for only a few of the characteristics and skills that makes for a strong receptionist candidate. Other positives include the ability to speak multiple languages, strong conversation skills, and the ability to learn new tasks and skills.

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The Philly Temps Difference in Placing Receptionists

At Philly temps we understand that both the job seeker and employer benefit when the placement is a good one. Furthermore all parties benefit even more significantly when the first placement on the employer or employee side is a good fit. Therefore part of the Philly Temps & Perm approach is to always understand the needs and goals on both sides of the equation. We don’t send job seekers out simply because we have an open position; we schedule an interview because we believe that there is a good fit and that the candidate and business are likely to begin a successful relationship.

To discuss your goals and needs concerning a receptionist position call Philly Temps today at 215-995-2607 or contact us online today.

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