Recruiting Street Teams for Philadelphia Events and Promotions

May 3rd, 2016

In today’s digital world, there is still significant value in face-to-face marketing. Unlike online marketing, the use of street teams allows individuals to connect on interpersonal level. While people probably won’t remember yet another pop-up ad, they are likely to remember a conversation with another human being.

A street team is a highly adaptable marketing technique. Street teams can be utilized to obtain information or sell products in a broad array of scenarios. These can include marketing efforts quite literally on the busy streets of Philadelphia, at professional events, concerts, music festivals, sporting events, and many other locations. Street teams can allow your business or organization to reach specific groups of people at more targeted events and broad swaths of the public at general interest events.

At the Philly Temps & Perm our dedicated staffing placement specialists work to place qualified and experienced individuals in positions and roles where they can excel for your company or organization. Our job placement specialists will never sent a candidate simply because he or she inquired for the opportunity. Rather, we will only send candidates who we believe are good fit. Employers seeking street team members are encouraged to call our experienced job placement specialists at 215-995-2607 today.


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What Are the Benefits of a Street Team?

Some people may see the street team as something of a throwback. These individuals fail to recognize the benefits and effectiveness of a well-coordinated street team campaign. To start, street teams can allow a company, business, author, band, or any other person or individuals seeking to raise awareness. Furthermore, the interpersonal nature of street team marketing means that the awareness can be perceived as grassroots or organic support. In many industries and especially when marketing to millennials, authenticity is everything. A street team is a good way to generate grassroots support.

Furthermore, street teams are particularly effective at marketing to niche groups. In many circumstances, you may want to market to a particular group in a certain way but radio, TV, or other mass market forms of advertising may project that message too broadly. A street team allows you to refine and target your marketing message to small group. Similarly, a street team can target a specific geographic area such as Center City, Old City, or other neighborhoods or suburbs of Philadelphia to market a local business.

Selecting Members for Your Street Team

Selecting the right members for your street team is an essential part of the process. In some scenarios, you may grow to trust and repeatedly use certain core members of the team, but at the team’s founding you’ll need to carefully screen potential members. Luckily, the job placement specialists of Philly Temps can handle a significant amount of this late work for you. We will always ask about your goals and preferences and strive to send potential members who fit your criteria.

How Do You Prepare a Street Team to Pursue Your Marketing Goals?

The circumstances and marketing goals you have determines the exact steps and processes you want to use to prepare your street team. However, there are few general concepts that hold regardless of the industry or goals is set forth your team. To start, members of a street team need to see that the team is being actively managed and is viewed as a vital part of the organization. In many cases, street teams are treated as an afterthought or as something separate and apart from the organization. When street team members feel engaged and valued as part of the organization, they are frequently motivated and eager to impress and represent the brand positively. By contrast, teams that are treated as an afterthought are often apathetic or lack the confidence to enthusiastically pursue goals.

Essentially, the goal should be to project the image that this team member is joining an already established cohesive team unit. While there will certainly be some level of churn in your team, cultivating this type of environment is likely to lead to at least several core members may remain present in the team and lead by example for years. Setting forth expectations in a welcome packet in a clear, but not overly stuffy, manner is a good first step.

Street Teams for Concerts and Festivals

Street teams for concerts and festivals are important because of their personal element at these types of events. Remember, whether the street team is at a concert or festival there are many events and activities competing for the attention of potential customers and clients. In the circumstances, a sign or advertisement may only be of limited effectiveness. Furthermore, the street a member him or herself may need to be extremely outgoing, particularly loud, memorable in some way, and able to handle an array of situations. Remember, alcohol is frequently used at these events and there’s something of a party atmosphere. You need to bring your street team members up to speed on how to handle difficult situations without tarnishing your brand. However, there’s significant opportunity for on the ground marketing at concerts and festivals.

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If you’re looking for ideas regarding which shows and festivals your organization should target, there’s a number of online sites that list a local shows. Jambase and Songkick are probably the two largest and most well known sites. If you’re considering targeting a specific music community or followers of a specific band or musical genre, other sites certainly exist. It may want to look at a message board forms by the band or by fans of the band for ideas. However, is important than any marketing efforts in music scene come across as authentic. Additionally, different fans have different levels of tolerance to marketing and will respond differently to certain marketing efforts, so it is wise to consider these factors.

Street Teams for Conventions and Professional Events

As opposed to prepare and a team member for a concert or festival, a different approach is typically necessary for professional events. As a starting point, you should know and understand the industry you are targeting, but most cases a more conservative approach is required. Furthermore, a general understanding of the industry by the team member can serve as an icebreaker. Therefore, prepping team members with brief fact sheet and conversational topics relating to the industry can be helpful. However, should be expressed a team members that they do not have to stick to these topics exclusively and can allow conversation to develop an evolved naturally.

Street Teams for Sporting Events

Philadelphia is a city that is obsessed with its sports teams. Whether it’s the Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, or college sports teams from Temple or Villanova the city and surrounding areas are filled with passionate fans. Marketing at sporting events can present significant opportunities for companies and organizations. One important element of marketing at these events is that your  street team member should know at least some basic facts about the team and sport. The simple truth is Philadelphia sports fans probably want to talk about their team at least to start. Furthermore, nothing builds a connection and rapport better than engaging on the potential customers own terms.

Job Placement in Philadelphia for Street Teams

The dedicated staffing and job placement specialists of Philly Temps & Perm can assist your business and organization with building and staffing a street team. To discuss your needs and how we can help your company or organization staff a street team call us at 215-995-2607 today.

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