Staffing Services for Corporate Convention and Business Greeters

June 15th, 2016

The public’s perception of a company or corporation consists of more than the sum of products and services offered by the company. Perceptions of a business and others willingness to work with a company are also based on perceptions regarding the company’s staff and level of customer and client service it can provide. For many businesses, first impressions are often made by a greeter. This can occur during a corporate or industry convention. It can also occur when customers first walk into a retail location.

The role of a greeter is important because it can serve to anchor perceptions of your business as providing responsive and caring customer service. However, a greeter who seems disinterested, inattentive, or otherwise uncaring can have the opposite impact.

At Philly Temps & Perm, we understand this fact and therefore endeavor to send only qualified individuals who can provide a sterling first impression of your company time and time again. Our process involves getting to know both your business and the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates before we ever send an individual for an interview or placement. By screening and filtering candidates and only sending individuals that we believe can excel in the role, we take care of the candidate search process so that managers and business owners can focus on day-to-day operations. Business owners and managers seeking a greeter for their business or for a convention can contact one of our dedicated job placement specialists today by calling 215-995-2607 today. Interested candidates for the position are also encouraged to submit their resume and other information.  bigstock Business people going to conve 72074782 1024x683 - Staffing Services for Corporate Convention and Business Greeters

Greeters for Industry Conventions and Gatherings

Industry conventions and meeting s are a valuable marketing and networking tool. However, it can often be difficult stand out and grab the attention of attendees among the sea of booths and exhibits. Having a greeter who can engage with potentially interested parties and draw them into the booth can provide a significant advantage. Having an individual with these skills can also set the tone for future discussions over more substantive matters.

The greeter should always project the company’s desired image. This includes the greeter’s appearance, choice of language, and approach to engaging with customers and clients. There is generally no one-size-fits-all approach for this role and a good greeter can conform his or her behavior to match what is desired by the organization.

Greeters for Retail Businesses

Greeters for retail businesses are often the customer’s first point of contact with your store. The greeter can ensure that the customer is directed to the right department or provided the information he or she needs without frustration. Consider a greeter for a cell phone service retail location. The greeter can welcome the customer to the store and discover his or her reason for visiting. If the customer has a service or technical question, the greeter can ensure that he or she is added to the correct waiting list or joins the correct queue for customer service. If the customer is looking to establish service with the provider, the greeter can ensure that he or she is directed to a sales representative. This model can be applied to an array of businesses including car dealerships, retail stores, automotive service centers, big-box electronics stores, and many others.

Business Woman Happy - Staffing Services for Corporate Convention and Business Greeters

A greeter in this role must have a thorough understanding of the retail location and the services offered. He or she must have excellent communication skills and an ability to discern what the customer’s needs are. The greeter should also be a strong conversationalist as a positive experience entering the store can set the tone for the entire visit. Furthermore, a greeter who is bilingual or speaks three or more languages can be especially valuable in providing a good customer experience to all clients.

Staffing and Job Placement for Greeters in Philadelphia

At Philly Temps & Perm, our approach to staffing is to do more and to take additional steps to ensure that candidates sent to businesses are highly likely to excel in their role. To schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated job placement specialists, call 215-995-2607 today. Employers can also feel free to contact us through the web for provided on this page.

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