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August 5th, 2016
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Read what some of our staff thinks about working for Philly Temps…
Deborah J.
I extend my thanks to all of the staff at Philly Temps, for their wonderful display of support of the DNC. Particularly those of the planning group. You all worked tirelessly and unselfishly during the weeks leading up to the event and carrying out the appointments of my referrals. You all are to be commended for undertaking your responsibilities with all the diversity you were face with. My hope is that Philly Temps received the needed quality of participation from my volunteer. It was a meaningful experience.  Continue to keep us all listed for future events.
George W.
A great place to work , very professional atmosphere!  Looking forward to hearing from them again as needed.
Andy K. 
A friend of mine turned me onto this Agency. They are A+ in my book. I mainly worked with Risa who was very helpful and guided me along the way. She is highly professional and caring. I was also fortunate to meet Christine, the owner of Philly Temps and it was a delight to help them out. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all; I highly recommend your Agency to anyone.
David B.
My experience with Philly Temps has been excellent! If you’re looking to swiftly take on a well-paying job, I highly recommend applying to work with them today. I applied in late June of this Summer, received an interview in early July, and was employed on a project for last week (Today is August 5th). Within a month of applying, Philly Temps had me out in the field, performing a job I enjoyed and found myself to be well-suited for.

I will definitely seek work with them again!  Such a great organization! They support they employees and also guide them along the way!

Yolanda W. 
I had the pleasure of working for Philly Temps for the first time at the DNC. They are a great group of people, a pleasure to work for and I look forward to my next experience working with them
Ni K. 
Philly Temps is a great agency.  First their employees are friendly from Lori who handles the checks to Alexa who put on me on assignments to John and Tina who I have also worked with.
I reached out to Philly Temps after seeing an ad on Craigslist.  I sent my resume and got an email pretty quickly.  I then took a prove it test and came in for an interview. The interview was pretty much standard and Alexa was very welcoming and thorough in explaining everything.  She tried to get me an assignment that week, and the next week I was working. This was the fastest placement ever that I received at a temp agency.  My situation was unique, and I wasn’t really expecting too much so they exceeded my expectations.The assignments that I have been on or been offered have all fit exactly what I was looking for, the pay was good and they were at nice places.  I do wish they offered direct deposit, but most of my assignments have been near the office, plus they are open early and will mail your checks. I recommend them to my family and my friends, and to all of you reading this as well.
Philly Temps has provided me with nothing but the best. I worked a few temporary assignments with them, then eventually one of them turned into a permanent full time position.
The staff is wonderful, and very polite.
Nadia R.  
My experience was great and, to be honest, exceeded my expectations! Philly Temps found me temporary work during the summer to make ends meet while I was finishing up my Master’s degree. They found me a position pretty quickly and one that almost had me contemplate a career change!

I worked a few different gigs throughout the school year and talked to other types of employees working for Philly Temps, too. I owe it to the staffing managers, they are really perceptive and do a great job matching people with jobs they will appreciate. And in return, I think the employers also appreciate having a well suited temporary candidate. In the end, Philly Temps  can help you find an invaluable work experience to those that are realistic with their goals and willing to put in the work to have them accomplished.

*Word to the wise* Find someone, anyone, to edit your resume and cover letter before you send it to them. The better you represent yourself and your employment experience, the better Philly Temps can represent you to bigger/better companies in the city!

Paul M. 
Philly Temps, and my contact Alexa especially, have given me great opportunities and helped me make many new contacts amongst potential employers. I highly recommend calling them if you’re entering the job market after a long employment.
Martin A.
I found out about Philly Temps rather unexpectedly–while walking down Walnut St. one afternoon, i saw a message written in sidewalk chalk on pavement in front of their office. Since i needed a job at the time, I called their number and ended up moving Drexel students into their dorms for two long, tiring days that somehow managed to be enjoyable enough that I was excited to work another event with them, this time as a stand-by registration typist for an event at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (which is where most of my experience with them has been).

Fast forward two years–Philly Temps has always been there for me with work when i’m in between jobs, or just need some extra income. The pleasant work environment is further incentive to do my best work every single time i’m on an assignment for them. i think I can honestly say that whether you’re an individual looking for work, or an organization putting on an event, you’ll be very happy with your experience with Philly Temps.

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