Recognizing a Job Well Done is Simple; Just do the Math.

January 6th, 2020
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Quinn K, January 20202

What do you do after receiving your degree in mathematics? Well if you are Quinn K, The Philly Temps & Perm Employee of the Month for January 2020, you move to Philadelphia and start your journey to an advanced degree and a career working with numbers.

Quinn is one of those people whose smile is constant and genuine, and who is both engaged and engaging in any interaction. Anyone who meets Quinn realizes that her dedication, focus and ability to learn, adapt and remain productive under any circumstance will take her wherever she wants to go in life.

When we add it all up, we want to say Thank You for a doing a great job!

Philly Temps (PT): How long have you lived in the Philadelphia, PA area?

Quinn K (QK): I have been in the Philly area for about 2.5 years.

PT: What was your work experience prior to working with Philly Temps?

QK: My prior work experience was working in the service industry through high school and college. Philly Temps has helped me transition to working in an office which is what I was looking for.

PT: How did you hear about Philly Temps?

QK: I was struggling to look for employment when I moved to the area and looked online for temp agencies. I found Philly Temps and sent in my resume!

PT: Please share your most memorable experience working for Philly Temps.

QK: I don’t think it is just one experience, everyone at Philly Temps is there for you when you need them and are willing to help you with anything you need. They are a great support.

PT: What are your long-term career goals?

QK: Right now, my goals are to get my master’s degree, pass the CPA exam and further my career in that direction.

PT: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

QK: I enjoy going to the gym and taking workout classes when I can. I also like to see family and friends whenever possible.

PT: What advice can you give to prospective candidates that want to work with Philly Temps?

QK: Be honest about what you’re looking for in a job so Philly Temps can help you find what you want.

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